Thursday, November 12, 2009

A few things...

Life here in Superstarra-ville is hectic as usual. I'm becoming overwhelmed by my unfinished projects and by the need to cast on for yet another project. It's exhausting! I think I have a good handle on the holiday gifting and am working at a good pace to get quite a few gifts done in time for the 'C' word.

No, not that C-word.

But I are a few new and exciting things to share...

Flicker 2.0.
Right now I'm working on a second Flicker. V requested one after she saw and fell in love with mine, so here I am again. This one will be beadless as we couldn't seem to find a single bead store in LA that was open when we were out shopping. Amazing, I know. Especially when there is a huge fabric district Downtown with numerous, insanely stocked bead stores.

I'm using a yarn I've never used before, Filatura Di Crosa Zara, and I have to say, I'm really liking it. I'm having a little issue with splitting, but I think that's mostly due to the pointy needles, o' pointy-pointy, I'm using. It's coming along pretty quickly and I'm hoping to have it done asap...

I've also bought some yarn.
I have a single ball of Malabrigo in purple that a received and it was so lonely, I thought I would buy it some purple friends to play with. Sadly, my ball didn't play nicely, so I exchanged those two hanks for burgundy instead. I have no idea what to do with it. I think a third burgundy friend would be a good idea and broaden my options.

Why not, right? You can't take it with you and it is Malabrigo, right?

And a single hank of Malabrigo. I've gone crazy, I know. Green is one of my favorite colors and this hank with it's drab green and streaks of pink really caught my eye. It's Malabrigo, there's no way it would pool ugly, right? Right? Well it won't really matter, since I"m planning on making the Crofter's Cowl with it. The lace will break up the colors and it will be beautiful. Because I said so.