Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Sad Day

It's a sad day when a knitter begins a yarn diet.

Life changes are presenting me with numerous financial restrictions...and honestly, yarn purchases are the one thing I can certainly cut from my discretionary budget. Besides, I was looking at the stash and there is more than enough yarn to keep me interested for quite a while.

I did need to have one last fling though.

I've been so excited about how the fair isle has been coming along with the Anemoi set that I wanted to try it in a larger, more colorful way.

Knit Picks to the rescue!

I had seen the Corrie vest in various KP emails, but had resisted, despite its seductive $20 price tag. Then an email came through heralding the kit at $13. Self restraint flew out the window and an ordering frenzy commenced.

To my credit, I was able to resist ordering more than just the vest.

Not much, but it's a start, right? Everyone knows once you get going on that site, it's hard to stop.

So this goes into the ever expanding queue. At least I know I have the yarn for it, right?