Thursday, May 05, 2005

New Project? What about those pesky WIP's?

I got a call from Smoochy today...she had questions about the Rowan Butterfly Tank instructions. We both love this pattern and are planning on doing our own Sassy Sister Butterfly Knit Along. I'm using Knitpicks Alpaca Cloud in Tidepool and Smoochy is using some mohair/silk blend yarn in an equally pretty green/blue. I was adding mah buttafly to my 'On-Stage-Works In Progress' listing, when I saw a few projects that I've neglicted!

Where have they gone?

IK Airy Cardigan - 98% - Still waiting on blocking and installing sleeves.
Rebecca Chevron Tank - 95% - I hated the way the straps turned out. I tried to get creative and do my own thing, but now I just need to redo them according to the pattern and she's done. By the way, where is she?
Lil Devil Pants - 40% - In current rotation. All that stockinette stitch makes it a perfect on the road project. San Jose, here we come!
Rowan Hearten - 30% - Hmmm...what am I doing with Miss Hearten? She's languishing under the table. I'm considering frogging and committing that yarn to another project. I finished the back, so I guess I should just complete it. GRRRR! It's such a lovely color...but who wants to knit a long sleeved sweater when there are so many lovely tanks and shawls to be made? She can hang for awhile longer.
Kiri Shawl - 30% - Also in current rotation.
Rowan Butterfly Tank - 0% - Just about to be started. So pretty.

Of course, there are 3 other tanks that I'd like to start...I guess my WIP list isn't that bad. I guess I just need an excuse to start the IK Acorn Tank.

Completely Unrelated to Knitting:
Who else is pissy that they got rid of my girl Sarah-Jessica Parker for Joss Stone as Gap Girl? I don't have anything against Joss, but her style isn't one that I would say is cutting edge, or even interesting. Every time I see her perform, I'm wondering who is aspiring to looking like a barefoot bohemian? S-J, if I may be so familiar, has a way of making The Gap's khaki's and t's seem like something more.

Project Greenlight - I love this show. As an actress, I try not to watch too much reality TV, this show is freakin' fabulous! OH THE DRAMA OF MAKING A MOVIE! I don't care if every Project Greenlight movie sucks [although I've watched all 3 seasons, I'm sad to say that I've never seeing one of the resulting films] they need to keep making this show because it's pure brilliance.