Sunday, August 12, 2007

Some Of What You Come Here For


Pattern: Cropped Jacket in Lace Pattern #37 from Rebecca #31
Yarn: GGH Capri
Needles: US 6
It's finally done! I'm so glad to have this off the needles. The buttons are sewn on, the pictures are taken and I can finally move more exciting projects...guilt-free!

There's so much to say! So let's get into it and I'll try not to be too long winded. To the point!

I wore this out to a little backyard soirée in the hills last night. I love the cropped length and am happy with my decision to get the extra ball of yarn and make long sleeves rather than 3/4. Early in the evening, it kept me well ventilated and I was just right kind of warm, but as it got later, I was feeling kinda chilly.

The pattern was pretty straightforward [that's how I like them!] and the lace repeat was very easy to memorize. Although it did get tedious at times, the cropped length made knitting the pieces up fairly quick.

I only had a few minor issues with the written pattern, one being the length of the collar. It didn't give a specific number of cm to knit and since the pictured sweater in the book is black, it's hard to gauge how long to make it. I knit 4 rows and bound off, but it looked too short so I added another two rows and I think it looks okay.

Also, on the sleeve increases, there was no indication to continue in the lace pattern. So on the sleeves, I have a panel of lace and the inner arm is stockinette. Had I seen ahead, I would have taken the time to increase in the lace pattern, but by the time I realized one sleeve was almost completed and I wasn't about to frog and re knit.

The yarn. Capri. There are pluses and minuses. I had to be careful when knitting [and frogging] with this yarn. Since the fiber strand is chained with a thread of what looks like super thin plastic fishing line, it pulled very easily and at times the needle would split the yarn [or just catch the fiber strand or the plasticy line strand]. Kind of annoying, especially when working yarn overs and k2togs. Also, the cut yarn would unchain itself, so I had to tie a small knot in any loose ends to keep them from unraveling completely before I had a chance to weave them in. After weaving, I tied a small knot in yarn end just to be sure it wouldn't unravel.

The resulting fabric, however is really quite nice. It's kinda of a very nice nubby a non-loopy boucle. I will have to be cognizant when I'm wearing it though, because the threads will still catch and cause massive pullage. And I hate that.

I do get a little button gap-age, but it doesn't bother me too much since I don't really plan on wearing this sweater buttoned up.

My final impression is that I'm really happy with the style. I think it's very flattering on me and I hope I get a lot of wear out of it. Although I wasn't fond of knitting with this yarn, I do love the resulting fabric and adore the color.