Monday, August 11, 2008

How Now?

What a great weekend! First off, I love the Olympics...what a great win for the US in the Men's 400m Relay last night! WOW! So awe-inspiring...I am totally on the Michael Phelps bandwagon. Also this weekend a friend of mine got married, I met a cousin from England that I didn't know I had and I went to a party at a house with a magnificent view of the Pacific. What a great time!

I also was able to tear my eyes away from the Olympics coverage long enough to start on the back flap of the Textured Tunic. Thank god for stockinette, I can watch the action and get some knitting done at the same time. Am I the only one who gets sucked into all sorts of crazy the 20,000 rowing events that were happening this weekend?

Now that I've gotten reveling in my wonderful weekend out of the way...I realized I never posted pictures of the semi-completed Rebecca Jacket #41.

Rebecca Jacket #41
You must be saying to yourself, 'Semi-completed? That looks pretty completed to me!'
Well, yes and no. Technically, the knitting is done. But...and there's always a but...I'm not 100% happy with the fit. As you may or may not remember, I didn't have a lot of yarn left over when I completed this baby. I did a lot of yarn conservation during the ribbing and cabled collar, and the sweater has suffered because of it. I think that the adjustments I need to make will remedy the situation.

Rebecca Jacket #41 side view
Now the issues I have are the ribbing is too loose and the cabled neckband is too short so the front of the sweater tends to wing out [as you can see in the side view above] and ride up. Not a cute look. So, I plan on taking off the cabled neckband and frogging the bottom ribbing. Then I'll pick up less stitches across the bottom edge, lengthen the cabled neckband and put it all back together.

Right after I finished the Textured Tunic, Galaxy Tank and Punk Bunny.
The list never gets shorter, does it?